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CloudRecept is available wherever, whenever and works on any device allowing you access your reservations, reports and more, anytime you want. It's just a few clicks away

Simple & user friendly

You don’t need to be a tech expert to operate this system. Is built with an interactive interface to provide assistance while managing guests.

Room Reservations

Our software will help you drive more bookings and in turn increase your revenue without having to change how you operate.

High Quality Services

CloudRecept allows you to oversee every area of daily operations and maintain high quality of service for clients.



CLOUDRECEPT is an Independent cloud based hotel management software that helps to execute important organizational and financial tasks and activities by hotels, resorts, motels and others. These functions include reservations, customer relationship, property and maintenance management and accounting.



CloudRecept help you compete on a whole new level. Owing to the big competition in the hotel industry, with the right hotel system, your property can compete favorably against the largest online hotel brands in the world, giving you a global advantage.



You need a world-class property management system to run your hotel's front desk and back office. Haven spent quality time in listening to independent hoteliers need to take their business to next level, we came up with the best solution, an all in one solution comprising everything you need to get your guests moving and your hotel running.



CloudRecepts Is a powerful automation that handles repetitive tasks and streamline business operations. Everything from listing prices, replying to guests, and reviewing staff tasks can be automated to help you shift time from daily operational management and focus, strategically expanding your business.


Our objective is to help minimize the amount of time it takes you complete tasks so you can focus by providing a platform that helps you operate your hotel at your finger tips.

Accept and process all kind of payments instantly and seamlessly.
Easy Reservation
Booking engine anywhere availability.
Manage Employees and Guests easily.
Our efficient messaging function allow you to quickly identify which rooms need attention.

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First, choose your preferred module and with just a desktop and an internet facility you are good to go.

CloudRecept offer real time and quick support services.

CloudRecept is a cloud based solution which makes your data 100% safe and secured on the cloud, all you need to do is login to your access and you can also download your saved data on the cloud anytime, anywhere with a zero data redundancy.

Yes. CloudRecept provides you a platform to receive payments from your guests electronically.

- It helps to manage operations efficiently
- It boosts revenue increased number of frequent guest as a result of internet visibility

This is one tool that helps you manage your hotel efficiently with low cost, availing you accessibility to your hotel anywhere while giving you real time reports and analysis on the progress of your hotel.

It helps to manage operations
It helps to boost revenues
It increases the presence of your hotel locality thereby giving you a global competitive advantage
It makes your hotel visible in the internet world.

Yes we do. Kindly click on the demo button to request for one.

Yes, kindly contact the support line to place a request.

The system is mobile friendly, you can either use your laptop or your smart mobile phone

Are you looking forward to improving productivity of your hotel?

CloudRecept is a one stop shop hotel solution for you!
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